Environmental Epigenetics

Press on some of the work going on in the lab.


“Pilsner’s research highlighted in Environmental Health Perspectives article on paternal exposures and children’s health outcomes” Link.

Environmental Health Percepectives

“Chips off the Old Block: How a Father’s Preconception Exposures Might Affect the Health of His Children” Link.


“Pilsner Awarded $2.26 Million Grant to Extend Phthalate Research” Link.

Press specifically on our publication, “Preconception urinary phthalate concentrations and sperm DNA methylation profiles among men undergoing IVF treatment: a cross-sectional study.” https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/29024969

Boston Globe

“There’s more evidence that chemicals in environment affect sperm, thanks to UMass study” Link.


“UMass Research Tells Dads-To-Be To Avoid Plastic Wrap, Mac & Cheese, Cologne” Link.


”Your shaving cream could be messing with your sperm, says ball-shriveling new study” Link.